How the Ace Attorney Games Basically Locked Down the Visual Novel Genres

Even as Japanese video games first gained their footing on world stage in the late 1980s and early 90s, some genres struggled to gain traction. What stands out about Ace Attorney is the runaway success Capcom’s series had despite this hurdle. Ace Attorney was many players’ only exposure to the visual novel genre when the first game released over 20 years ago. Although similar titles have always been popular with Eastern audiences, Ace Attorney’s success in markets that are normally saturated with action-oriented games has changed the very look of the visual novel genre. 카지노사이트

The beloved series follows the exploits of attorney Phoenix Wright, and the most recent title in the franchise – The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles – came out in 2021, just a few months before the series’ 20th anniversary, and the series shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. The franchise’s beloved characters, plot lines, and Ace Attorney’s portrayal of real-world court proceedings have all contributed to the series’ international success.

Ace Attorney Set a Standard in the Visual Novel Genre

Western audiences have been less receptive to slower styles of gaming. Excluding the popularity of point-and-click adventures in the 90s and the recent trend of “cozy gaming,” spurred largely by indies becoming more viable, games that favor sitting thoughtfully and solving problems or enjoying a story in lieu of standard AAA action fare have always struggled to find strong positions. What sets Ace Attorney apart and allowed it to succeed where others did not is the kind of story it tells.바카라사이트

The first game released just after the end of the point-and-click heyday that gave players beloved series like King’s Quest and Monkey Island, and its similar focus on its adventure elements likely held appeal for players who were first entering the genre. While taking control of Wright, players are tasked with picking apart opponents’ arguments and concocting their own. Many levels see players looking for evidence, or trying to imagine what happened at the scene of the crime, and these high-stakes elements fall more in-line with what Western fans have come to expect from games.

Ever since Ace Attorney hit shelves, fans of the genre have seen other visual novels gain traction and broader international success. From KFC’s dating sim to the popularity of the Danganronpa franchise, as well as adjacent titles like the horror RPG hit Corpse Party, fans have seen this style of game gain traction among those who might have never given them a chance. But this is hardly the only influence Ace Attorney has had over the genre. Fans are seeing more visual novels that subvert the genre and push it in unique ways. Incorporating elements of point-and-clicks, hidden object games, and other mechanics that diversify the genre in a way similar to Ace Attorney has proven appealing to Western audiences.

Visual novels have seen recent success on mobile, Nintendo Switch, and Steam, while many solo developers have made their own games to be released on the indie platform While it’s hard to say whether the whole of the genre’s mainstream success can be owed to Ace Attorney, visual novels as a whole are seeing a growing Western fanbase since the entrance of Phoenix Wright.온라인카지노

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